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The Flectabed® range consists of an inner quilt and variations of outer cover. The inner quilt combines two key elements of thermal insulation to keep dogs  exceptionally warm all year round. Multi layered fibres trap pockets of warm air to reduce heat loss, and reflective surfaces reflecting any lost body heat back to the pet. The standard Flectabed...

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Hotties® – Microwavable heat pad for pets

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VET BED -Non-Slip Vetbed® Contemporary Living

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Ideal solution to protect your car interior, keeps clean without hairs, dirt and mechanical damages

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Ideal solution to protect your boot. Keeps clean without hairs dirt. 

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Travel Blanket Soft is double face blanket for cats and small dogs. One part is furry and the other is soft fleece. There are two different sizes in three colours. Small 50 x 75cm Medium 75 x 100cm Colour variation, beige, baby pink and baby blue.

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