cuccioli-chisiamo.jpgLove (for our loving animals), Welness (either for pet and owner) and Harmony in everyday life are our key words.

We are Stefania Matteloni and Sayuri Takano, business partner and friends bonded for the passion for animals. Both are experienced cat breeders and Stefania breeds dogs and runs the dog pension in the countryside.

Our experience of living closly with different animals has taught us their needs and we are still improving to offer them our best choice.

We are an exclusive importer/distributor in Europe of many articles imported from Japan, and wholesale directly to the retail shops as well as direct sales to customers and online sales.

We are not only selecting and importing (mainly from Japan, then the rest of the world) many toys, goods to help reducing STRESS caused by different factors, but also also picked up some unique and useful objects for the owners to live with loved ones in better way. Our research is still going on.

On this website, you can find all the details of the products, feedback and videos. In the breeders’ section, we are providing the “essential but difficult find/reach goods” for breeding. It will be update soon.

Company is situated in Rome, Italy and the wrehouse is in Campagnano di Roma (20km to north from Rome) where we ship the goods everywhere in Europe.

All of our peoducts were tested scruplously by ourselves on different breeds of dog and cats in order to check their appriciation, quality, durability and functionality. We offer the customers only what mede us satisfied.

Since each article is very valid, we thought it’s a great pity just to keep them for oueselves.

So we decided to propose these products to “concious animal owners”

We are happy to reply your questions, receiving requests, suggestions and feedback.

Contact us by mail.

We still have lots of goods and idea to propose you in our treasure chest. Keep following us to discover new arrivals, dog and cat show calendar where we will have our stand (we are happy to see you in person, please come to say hello!).

Aslo check our Facebook page “ALL PRETTY TAILS”

Sayuri & Stefania